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What’s your WHY?



That’s my message.

My purpose. My WHY.

Huh? That’s a bit simple isn’t it?


I know, so simple, but at the core of me, my life, what I believe in and what affects everything I do.

But when I say this, I know people assume I mean aesthetics.


And that’s a part of it for sure.

But over the past couple of years I’ve realised something else.

it’s not just about image, looks, pretty stuff.

Beauty for me is more profound than superficial. It has meaning and worth.

My friends will tell you I never wear hoodies, ( I’m not sure I actually own any unless one of my layering tops for the gym has one and I didn’t realise !)
I’d never leave the house without make up or brushing my hair, even when I was a mother of a tiny newborn and sleep deprived beyond anything I’d ever known, I still always did my hair and make up.

It’s something I’ve been teased about all my life. Always wanting to look nice, to make an effort to feel beautiful.

My friends have always described me as glamorous, laughed at my need to feel polished and stylish. From pretty notepads, to gorgeous coffee cups, from holidays on the Cornish coast, to the most fragrant roses in my garden, I have always tried to immerse myself in sheer beauty.

I guess it’s always seemed a bit frivolous. To some at least.

But it’s a profound part of me.

My business mentor has always told me this was my purpose, but I really did not understand this to begin with. How could beauty even remotely be my purpose?My WHY.

I just didn’t get it.

But slowly over time the more I explored this idea I realised how right she is.

Beauty to me is not just about looks and style,

it’s about passion, emotion, power, a gentle soul, a life you love, kindness to others, sharing your gifts, lighting up the world with your mind and soul and heart.

That’s beauty to me.

I realised it because of my little girl. A delicate new soul in the world, free of any prejudice, judgement, assessment. A beautiful heart, warm, loving, giving, lighting up the room without hesitation or feelings of not being enough.

She taught me what beauty really means to me.

And why it’s such a powerful influence in my life.

I also realised because of my Journalism career with the BBC I had spent years of my life immersed in anything but beauty.

Journalism by its nature tends to be news about terrible, tragic, horrific events. I reported on them daily. Stories of the human condition often so terrible it was incomprehensible.

During that time, I craved beauty, so I sought it elsewhere, beyond my career.

I craved the gentle soul, the warm heart, the life without boundaries of judgement or fear of failure.

It’s only now I realise that. I displayed this need though wanting to be glamorous and stylish. It was my outlet to the beauty I needed in my world.

And so what relevance at ALL does this have to my business as a public speaking coach, media coach and mentor?

Because I believe in beauty.

In the beauty of others, the incredible beings that we all are.

I see women hiding, afraid of failure, of judgement, of criticism ,shielding their light from those who need to see it.

And I want to do something about it. I want to bring their beauty forward.

And I can do that with public speaking coaching, media coaching, and tutoring I can helpĀ  you find your voice, use it to shine brightly, to cast beauty into the world, from gentle souls and tender hearts.

That’s why beauty matters to me. Its how come it’s my WHY.

Understanding what your WHY really is, can transform the way your business develops, your career develops and your purpose and the way you feel about your work.

And that’s why during my one to one mentoring sessions I focus on this at the start.

We get clear, just like I am, on YOUR purpose, your real message, what really motivates you. Because this will be the foundation of your public speaking, broadcasting and presenting.

And it will change your business, life, education, presenting.

-it will give you incredible confidence about sharing your message

-it will make you crystal clear on what to speak about

-it will give you clarity on HOW to speak, what to share, how to get your point out there.

And it will bring you a fire and a passion you, as yet, don’t even know exists in you.


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