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What can your voice do for others?


If you felt NO fear about speaking in public

If you felt confident about being on camera

If you were at ease with being visible and heard

What would you say?

What would you share?

What would be the ONE message you wanted to tell others?

What does confidence feel like for you?

Is it ease, flow, sharing your message with real passion, giving to those who need it, reaching the right people, sure about the value of what you offer…?

Imagine being able to actually get up on stage or in front of a microphone and know you are about to change lives, impact others, get your message heard loud and clear.

Imagine doing that with ease and grace, confidence and joy.

Getting absolutely CLEAR on what you want to offer to others, what you can share and give, how you can help and be of service, is the first step.

Because there’s no point trying to be a confident speaker if you’ve no real idea about what your value is.

If you’re not even sure what it is you want to say

if you are not clear on who you can help, and HOW.

This is where you start as a speaker. This is where you start when you fear being visible and heard.

This is how you find the strength, courage and determination, to use your voice on stage and on camera.

So start with this. Before you sweat it over Facebook live, IGTV, making a speech, applying to do a Ted talk.

Start with

WHO do I help?
WHY do I help them?
HOW do I help?

WHAT do I offer?
WHY do I offer this?
HOW does that impact others?

Get clear, get sure, realise your message is so precious.
It’s needed.

That’s how you begin the journey to using your voice with confidence and ease.

In fact, when you are SURE of your message, your purpose, your WHY, fear won’t come into it.

You’ll know that your voice should be heard
You’ll be excited to speak up
You’ll feel sure and confident that you can make a difference.

And fear won’t get a look in.

My new ONE to ONE mentoring program for public speaking and presenting, is now open. 
It includes working with you on getting your message and purpose crystal clear.

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