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The power of video



Not using Video yet in your business or for your career?

Did you know by 2020 82% of all internet traffic will be video.


It’s a stunning fact. Video will dominate the internet more and more every single day.

But you are still not using it.


I know you are ambitious.

So am I.

I know I attract ambitious, determined, focused women to my work.

But I also know you are hiding.

You have a business, it’s doing ok, you are happy to be an entrepreneur, happy to be doing what you are doing.

But you know.

You know there is something more you can be offering, something more you can be achieving.

You know you have a voice, but right now it’s quiet. Hidden.

You are not OUT THERE yet. You are not visible.

Your voice is yet to be heard.


You know you have a powerful message, but you are not at all clear how best to get it seen or heard.

Video is the perfect way for you to do this.

And as the video revolution rumbles on, it’s more essential than ever to be using it, to get your voice heard.

To be seen.

To be the leader you want to be

To help the people you want to help

To change the things you want to see change

But right now

you are not sure how you’d use video

You are scared to be too visible

You are not clear on the message you want to convey anyway

You are worried about being criticised, ridiculed, making a mess of things

Video seems scary. I know. I understand why.

But it doesn’t have to be, not AT ALL.

Don’t hide n the shadows anymore. Don’t wait for 2020 to realise you’ve been left behind, unnoticed and not reaching the people you desperately want to help. 

Together with me, we can help you use video powerfully, confidently and easily. 

I can help you transform from shy to confident speaker. 

Get your message out there

Be the revolutionary you want to be.

Come and work with me. Let’s lead the way to 2020 and work
the power of video.

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