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The power of storytelling


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Two Cockerpoos brought from Bucharest to Huddersfield via Brussels.

That’s how a meeting I had at a University began.

With a story about two puppies being transported from Hungary to the UK by a couple.

The lengths they had gone to in order to ensure the safe transport of their puppies was amazing. The passports, the inoculations, the legal requirements, the travel plans, flights, car journeys, ferries….

They were so passionate about owning the dogs and bringing them to the UK, and the story was fascinating.

I was at the University to discuss working with Journalism students studying there.

And THIS was the first thing I chatted with the Professor about. His story.

I would never have expected to chat about puppies and EU animal movement regulations at this meeting! but the unexpected subject matter was intriguing and interesting and allowed me to connect with the person behind the title.

I own a Cavapoo. So instantly I found a place of common ground with him. Something we both were interested in, and were able to connect over. Completely NOT what I was expecting at our formal meeting. But all the more wonderful for it.

Our meeting ended up being around 4 hours long. We exchanged many stories in that time.

Each of us has stories. Tales to tell, experiences to share. We can draw people towards us with them.

That’s how powerful our stories are. They connect us. Bring us together, let us find something familiar in another person.

They can bring resonance, understanding, familiarity, connection.

When you speak, you nearly always sharing stories of some kind. Tales of incidents, experiences, moments. All stories.

When I was a Journalist, everything I ever reported on was a ” story” A moment, an experience, an event.

It’s our common language.


So why wouldn’t you use your stories when you speak in public? When you go live on social media?

Why wouldn’t you share stories, tales, moments with those listening, to allow them to find a common link with you?

You have amazing stories to share. 

You have the power to tell a tale and instantly draw people towards you.

We often fear sharing our stories. We fear no-one is interested, or its not important, or a distraction, or just not relevant. That’s especially true in business.

People want to know YOU. To find something which resonates with them in you. That’s what makes us do business with someone. We are connected.

Share more of you.

More of your moments, experiences, tales of life. Share what you believe in, what motivates you, what you care about.

Your talks, speeches and broadcasting should always have an element of you in them.

You’ll know if you watch my lives on Facebook that I do share elements of my life. If you hear me speak, you know I tell you tales from my life. It’s how I build relationships and win trust.

The world would be OH so dull without stories.

Your life would be too.

Use your strongest currency in life: YOU and your stories.

You never know who you might attract into your world.


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