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Going live on social media

How to go live on social media

Going live on social media is a powerful way to connect with your audience, build engagement and share what you know. Live video has an immediacy excitement which can really pull people towards you.

I must have broadcast hundreds of hours on live TV during my career. I was employed by the BBC with that specific role- to go live on the News Channel, and focus on being a live reporter.

I have always enjoyed it, I love the adrenaline rush and the chance to broadcast as it happens, but I know I am unusual! Most people are terrified of it.

But live video is HUGE and only going to grow, so if you aren’t using it’s powers and are hiding from it, you are missing out on drawing people to you and what you do. And if you are are journalist, you absolutely HAVE to be prepared to do it, because more and more news is being reported live.

But so many of you run from it.

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It’s doesn’t have to be scary though, honestly. Here’s a quick start guide to getting your first live on the go.

*Start short. Decide to go live for just a couple of minutes.

*Chose a simple subject you know well. Perhaps it’s an introduction to your business, perhaps you are at a event you can talk about, maybe share 3 quick tips on something to help someone. Keep it simple and clearly focussed.

*Jot down in bullet point form what you want to chat about. Don’t over rehearse it, don’t learn a script, it’s far harder than just talking through your points.

*Find a location which is quiet, away from wind and noise, and is well lit. Turn to face the light, and use it to light your entire face- no side shadows.

*Imagine you are talking to a friend. This one works SO well. Imagine that little lens you are looking into, is actually a friend/family member, anyone who supports you and imagine they are smiling in support. I used to use this tip all the time to calm my nerves.

*Smile in the live, it works because we are drawn to smiling faces as humans. Say hi, introduce yourself. Set out what you are going to chat about.

*Don’t stress about ” ums and errs”, they are a normal part of speech. If you are relaxed and chatty it won’t feel awkward if you add the odd ” erm” in your live. Try not to do it too often though. Refer to your bullet points to keep you on track and focussed.

*Keep it short and sweet. Don’t rush, take your time, you’ll sound less nervous if you slow your words from rapid to chatty.

*Finish with a call to action... ” pop over to my website to read more” etc. Give people a way to get in touch.

Follow this plan to getting your first live out of the way. You’ll feel fantastic when you’ve got started and you can then build on your strengths and your confidence.

If you’d like some coaching on social media lives, drop me an email, I offer sessions to take you from scaredy cat to confident performer.

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