how to get into tv


That’s me, reporting live from the deck HMS Ocean. After more than 2 decades in front of cameras broadcasting to millions, I know my stuff. 

So do YOU want to be good on camera? 


*Do you yearn to do something similar? Working as a TV Journalist?


*Or perhaps the idea of going on camera absolutely TERRIFIES you.


*Perhaps you are a business owner and  you wish you could get your message and products on screen, but have no idea how to deal with being in front of a camera?


*Have you been invited to be interviewed on radio and TV and you’re now regretting saying yes?


I can help. 


Whatever you need help with around appearing on television or radio, I am able to guide you, support you and give you practical strategies to get you on screen and full of confidence. 

Together we will look at voice control, preparation, style, approach, camera technique, microphone discipline and many other aspects to ensure you are a CONFIDENT AND CHARISMATIC PERFORMER on TV.


Please email me to chat through your needs and how I can help: