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Are you too boring?


lack lustre.

Do you make people nod off from boredom in your company? 
Do you never have an opinion or thought worth sharing?

Do you have nothing to say and nothing to add to any conversation?

I don’t need you to answer those questions, because we all know how ridiculous they are.

Insulting in fact.

Of COURSE you have something to say, something to add, you are engaging, interesting, you have stories to share. You make people laugh, empathise, you encourage others, inspire them.

You spend each day sharing stories, relating to others. You engage with them, share something of yourself. You discover and share. You grow in knowledge and experience.

And yet you often tell me that you could never speak on stage or on camera, because ” I have nothing to say, what would I talk about? ‘

And I’m left stunned.

Really? You have nothing to talk about? You have nothing to share? Nothing to offer others?

Do you honestly believe that?

Recently my business coach was asking us if we really believe that 365 days a year we have NOTHING of interest to talk about. She was discussing with us how blogging effectively as business owners, requires us to share of ourselves and yet so many women say they have no idea what to write about. They believe they have nothing of value to share, and who would want to read it anyway.

And her response was exactly the same as mine to women who tell me they have nothing to say on a platform, nothing to share if they WERE visible.

And that is this.

Every single day you share. With people you know and even those you don’t. Every day you learn, discover things, grow,develop and every day you have more and more you could talk about, share and draw others towards.

You have dreams, hopes, plans, ideas, views, opinions, needs, wants, thoughts, emotions….

And anyone you could EVER stand in front of to speak to, has all those too.

It’s a unique part of being human.

You sharing these, allows others to be inspired, supported, educated, enlightened, permitted to feel the same, to feel connected.

You are not boring. You look to the skies with a heart full of hope just like every single other person. What you know, what you have is valuable, needed.

Don’t ever tell me you have nothing to say. That no-one would want to listen to you anyway.

You have NO idea who is out there, and who NEEDS to hear you.

Let’s get your voice heard together;

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