” Excuse me sir, I wonder if you have ever considered having a vasectomy?” 

And so began my journalism career. Aged 15, standing on a street in the rain, in the centre of Southampton with a radio recording device over my shoulder.

From that damp and slightly embarrassing moment to now, I have carved a career in Journalism, broadcasting, writing and speaking which has spanned over 22 years.

I am a former BBC television news national journalist: I’ve covered everything from the horrors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, to the ” Where the ‘eck is Eccles?” story of the Ordnance survey maps leaving the town off it’s latest publication by mistake.

I’ve been petrol bombed in the line of duty, reported live for hours from a cherry picker, high above the Paddington rail crash and waded waist high in flood waters to reach plucky survivors who refused to budge despite the unravelling disaster around them.

I’ve spent my life telling stories. Telling the stories of ordinary people who, in a heartbeat found themselves in an extraordinary moment. 

An expert broadcaster, news reporter, writer and public speaker, I now lecture Journalism degree students and work as a mentor, coach, and writer. 

If you are a trainee journalist looking for a mentor, a business owner needing help with Facebook lives, someone looking to improve your career prospects by being able to present well, or a hopeful TV Presenter, I can help. 

I offer coaching and mentoring along with group classes online, teaching everything from Media studies to presenting and public speaking. I offer this training to anyone from the world of business through to journalists and students.

I’m also available for writing assignments from copy writing to speeches and scripts. I can also be booked for speaking and lecturing. You can reach me through the ‘Hire me’ page.

I’d be delighted to hear from you.




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